Understanding Sexual Issues and Emotional Conditioning

Robert G. Smith has been able to help so many people overcome sexual issues through Eutaptics. Nowadays, it is easier to get advice and treatment to sexual issues because of the society being more open to understanding that sex is indeed one of our primal instincts as human being.

In every life problem, whether it is finances, addictions, physical ailments, etc. There is always a mental attribute to it where the problem is rooted. Meaning, sexual issues are most of the time due to mental programming. Eutaptics is an advanced methodology with full understanding on how this “disorders” occur and how to get rid of them.


Why Medications Fail in Addressing Sexual Issues

The number one reason why most modern synthetic and herbal medicine fail in addressing sexual disorders is because they are focused on the symptoms and not the cause. What most medications aim for is a temporary fix that “might” enable a person to perform sexually.

But even with the billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies spend on research, they obviously are only researching what can “temporarily” provide relief to the disorders but are not interested in providing cure. It is a marketing game to get people constantly wanting their products to inflate their revenue.

Temporary fixes do not solve sexual issues, in fact, it can worsen as the person gets more used to the dosage, it can get to the point where it won’t work. Additionally, dependence to medications, even if it does not have addictive substances, medications can lead to serious health issues by damaging internal organs in prolonged use.

Eutaptics Sexual Healing is an Unmatched Solution to Sexual Issues

When we talk about sexual issues, we are talking about a very wide range of disorders, they can range from those that has mild to moderate physical symptoms or advanced chronic and acute disorders. The key to healing any type of sexual issue is to first get to understand what caused the issue. You see, nothing can manifest in your body that does not have a mental source.

Robert G. Smith noticed that 7-8 out of 10 clients who comes to him for sexual healing have experienced sexual inappropriateness in the past or have some traumatic experiences in terms of sex and relationships in early adult life.

These memories that may seem inactive to a person consciously actually plays a very active role in contributing to sexual disorders. The past no longer exists, we cannot go back to it and finetune it, but the memories we hold in the past are the references we use as filters to interpret current reality as either safe, dangerous or neutral.

In understanding this, a person who may be experiencing a sexual disorder does not necessarily have to be tagged or labeled as a person with sexual incapacity. There is a mental programming that is the root of the disorder, using Eutaptics sexual healing programs and techniques, a person can learn how to collapse the mental structure causing the problem. In other words, without the mental source of the problem, all body systems will work in perfect harmony with each other.

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Emotional Conditioning and the Mind

All those memories you hold within your mind contains an emotional charge. The frequency of your mental vibration and how active it is, is relative to the intensity of the emotional charge it holds.

There is no wonder humans are very good at remembering only those that are either extremely joyful or those associated to pain, trauma and danger. It is our default mental programing.

Humans are by default emotional creatures, often when we talk about emotions relating to sex, we automatically think of love and romance. But it does not always work that way. Like food, sex is very personal, each and every human being have personal preferences. The root of all these preferences in sexual acts and partners are all based on what our subconscious mind holds true.

All our experiences affect how we feel at the moment, meaning if you hold within you a belief that sex is dirty, sinful, gruesome, heavenly, nirvanic or joyful, that is how your body responds to the idea of sex. While your emotions may also be in between, meaning you truly love the person but sex just don’t work, either you don’t get satisfied, cannot perform or your body totally shuts down when the idea is provoked.

Eutaptics is like a hack on your emotional navigation, first by clearing the structure where the issue stands and help you reimprint better or neutral memories that your consciousness can draw reference from.

Because of this, your body is allowed to follow what your mind truly wants without the unnecessary hurdles in your thinking system.


Set Yourself Free from Sexual Issues

You have options and best you take action. Holding on to your sexual issues is like gripping a very sharp double edged sword. Best the you find permanent resolution to your problem than subscribing to ideas and healing systems that only address the symptoms.

Robert G. Smith regularly hosts webinars about how to overcome sexual issues. You can learn from other people who may be experiencing the same problems as yours. But if you prefer a one-on-one session with the creator of Eutaptics, you can simply book a session that is a minimum of 2 hours and he can guide you to freeing yourself from your sexual issues. Confidentiality is a taken seriously in personal coaching sessions and you are guaranteed fast and sustainable results.

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  • November 30, 2016