Intimacy Issues and Fear of Relationships

Intimacy Issues and Fear of Relationships

After going through a traumatic relationship experience, a person may develop fears as a way how natural coping and defense mechanisms work within the mind.

But if it lasts longer than a few months, reaching out for professional help is the most practical step. The reason for this is because it can position the mind for greater problems in the future.

There are many cases of people who are suffering from intimacy issues but still end up in a relationship without addressing the initial issues first. This can result for the relationship to crumble causing more psychological trauma for the person and his/her partner and family in entirety.

Others, on the other hand, may develop fear of entering another relationship and just plainly give up the idea. This fear is caused by the mind building structure to protect itself from emotional pain.

Intimacy Issues and Fear of Relationships

However, some of those people who develop fear of relationships do not really like being single at all, they may have active dreams of being intimate and this can cause a lot of problems in the future making them emotionally unstable.

To prevent either of the issues to surface, it is best to address the core of the problem.

Resolution to Intimacy Issues

For example, if a person is suffering from intimacy issues, something in the past may have happened to that person and the imprints of a traumatic event may cause the person to seem distant to everyone. Nonetheless, the person may still try another relationship but unable to really sexually perform or may be triggered to sudden shifts in sexual mood.

Without help, the person may feel that there is no resolution to the root cause of the problem and may result to an emotional breakdown which may also affect the partner. It is the perfect formula for separations and unnecessary fights between couples.

The only resolution possible is going through therapy or seek help from a Eutaptics Master Practitioner who specializes in sexual health.

Eutaptics sexually-focused programs and sessions allows the person to find the root of cause of the problem. It may be sexual abuse from a long time ago, a toxic belief system built around intercourse and many others.

Only upon finding the root cause of the problem can a person collapse the structure of thoughts coming from memories creating intimacy issues.

Eutaptics offers the best resolution to sexual issues by hacking through the boundless ability of the mind to transform and heal itself.

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Resolution to Fear of Relationships

Fear is a very sneaky monster. It can begin start small and shortly after gain dominance over the mind and the person. Whatever type of fear has to be addressed, especially the kinds the causes incapacitation.

As mentioned earlier, while a person may reject the idea of a relationship due to previous hurts and pains of a failed relationship. He or she may still be actively needing companionship and romance is just being denied and has not really submitted to a lifetime of singledom.

Because there is still a need or a want for a relationship, the suppressed emotions may cause the person to be emotionally unstable. The person then may feel bitter about the world as the defense and coping mechanism of the mind create delusions about relationships and marriage.

Healing is a must, the person experiencing this may develop experiential avoidance on anything that evokes romance.

Self-Help Tips for Sexual Issues


1. Talk to your partner

If you are currently in a relationship and you begin to notice treacherous emotions within caused by being intimate with your partner, best you start talking. Firstly, don’t blame your partner for causing it if you are unsure about the root cause of the problem. Just admit that you do have intimacy issues and seek his or her help in seeking guidance.

If you fear that your partner will not understand and might make a bigger issue out of it. Best to schedule a couple’s counseling from a therapist. Either way, your partner has to know and you need support to truly resolve issues with intimacy and sex.

2. Be honest to yourself

Piling up lies that you are okay when your mind is actually harboring so much pain will only make you a ticking time bomb. Be honest about your past traumas and if you feel like the world is going to judge you for it, seek professional help immediately and learn to let go.

It is never easy to let go because of the value we attach to a painful memory. But in reality, there is no need to further cling to those memories, Eutaptics memory reimprinting can help you collapse the interlinked negative mental patterns being produced by a memory of a traumatic experience.

3. Love yourself and your beautiful scars

The initial step to healing is admitting that you have a problem. But all through the other steps you need to keep on loving yourself and embrace your scars. There is no resolution in denying the past, but there is also no resolution in clinging to the memories producing negative mindsets.

You are beautiful, whole and complete being as you are. You have the ability to transform mentally and heal emotionally.

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  • December 15, 2016