Neuroplastic Changes: Resolution to Common Sexual Issues

Sexual issues appear at different stages of life. Our sexual experiences may seem unsatisfactory when problems begin to arise. Most common sexual issues cannot be “cured” or reversed by medical science. Some may be given temporary resolution aided by medications. But like in any kind of “disorders”, prolonged use of medications is harmful to overall health and can be a precursor to a more serious health problem.

Our family backgrounds, each experience and how sex is understood by an individual through views coming from the society and culture lead us to expectations and may cause the mind to misunderstand the misaligned links between fantasy, fiction, unreal versus reality.

Eutaptics holds a strong understanding on how sexual problems are created in the mind. By manipulating sectors of our unconscious and subconscious mind that are responsible for holding the imprint or memories producing sexual problems.

Activate mental healing to resolve sexual issues naturally is the primary goal of Eutaptics. The structure of sexual issues compounded within the mind through the recorded memories serving as the basis of truth is often the misunderstood or misinterpreted link that most modalities miss on addressing. At Eutaptics, it is the focus, the result? Lasting healing from sexual issues.

There are of course concerns that are due to a physical condition. But the body is the slave of the mind. The power of the mind over the body is immeasurable, in fact, the very same power is the main producer of all our problems.

Nonetheless, if the problem is not due to an injury with physical damage or without pathophysiological source, it can be resolved through Eutaptics memory reimprinting and manipulation. In cases of physical damage, one can tap into the Power of the mind to heal the body. FasterEFT can help you focus your mental energy to promote faster and efficient healing.


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Understanding Sexual Desires and Common Concerns

Sexual desire is the forerunner of a person’s sexuality. More often desires may be too little or too much. In any case it can be problematic. Each individual holds a different understanding of their sexual needs and we can also say, sexuality in the whole sense.

Each desire has to be valued, honored and accepted with understanding that our desires and cravings are produced by the mind.

Eutaptics understands and embrace the uniqueness of each individual.


People who identify as asexual are people who holds no sexual attraction to another person. Although surprisingly, they may want to be romantic and intimate sometimes, their attachments are often not centered on sexual arousal.

In contrary to other issues, asexual people may at times be sexual if the need is more of a biological in nature. Please remember that we are all sexual beings, even people who identify as asexual may find urges but not as healthy as the rest of us.

An asexual person may find it difficult to hold a relationship because there will be a misalignment to the partner’s sexual needs.

Asexuality is a mental program. Like all mental programs it is structured wired to a memory or an imprint producing it. These imprints are actively used by the mind due to the powerful emotions they carry. To reimprint these memories supporting asexual structure can result to the collapse of the whole toxic belief and allow a healthier sex life.

Please note that asexuality as a condition of having no sexual desires is what we are talking about and not the one that has been ascribed with meanings of sexual orientation. They may be interchangeable and compounded to bring the same meaning in some models of the mind. But here, we are talking about the absence or poor sexual desires.

Loss of Desire

Desire can be lost partially or totally. In partial loss of sexual desire an individual may have ceased initiating sex with their partner but may otherwise respond willingly. Loss of desire on the other hand can be brought upon contextual ideas, for example losing a desire on a particular person and find it for another. Outside contextual idea, total loss of sexual desire means not interested in sexual contact at all.

Loss of desire is a mental programming just like in asexuality. But often the imprints or memories are more recent. It may be a result of recent traumatic experience, PTSD due to sexual abuse, sudden bereavement or death of a partner or loved one and chronic stress.

There are plenty of traumatic experiences that can contribute to loss of sexual desires. But like any mental programming it can be manipulated and collapsed. Hack through the mental healing of sexual issues using Eutaptics.

High Desire

Having healthy amount of sexual desire is good. Nonetheless, when sexual desires becomes incapacitating and starts to affect other major aspects of life, especially health. Then it has to be addressed. The positive attributes of high sexual desire can become a concern when sex controls your mind and not the other way around.

The detrimental effects of having very high sexual desire can easily be addressed by Eutaptics tapping. To break the cycle of craving for sex, tapping through the meridian points can take your mind out of the subject and weaken its structure. Please click here to get started how to properly tap.

Uncomfortable sexual desire

The mind is a very unpredictable landscape of thoughts wherein our desires, fears and emotions are constantly in rapid play. Some sexual desires that are uncomfortable in nature may arise, some may only be kinky fantasies but others extreme desires that may scare you off.

It is best to understand that the mind produce thoughts and patterns based on records you hold. Imprints from birth until today play an important role in giving rise to our cravings and desires. Often you may not remember a cause of why an imprint exist, hence causing you to feel uncomfortable and scared.

Conquer your fears and collapse unwanted and uncomfortable sexual desires that may cause problems in your life. FasterEFT is as system designed to help people reprogram their mindsets by understanding and managing the mental programs we inhabit.


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