Sexual Issues: Are Sexual Fantasies Healthy?

Is it good to fantasize about sex? Sexual fantasies are punctured through the bubble of moral dilemmas that the society generally label as acceptable, or unacceptable. Our sexual mind can go in varying degrees when it comes to holding the truth of what is pleasurable and what isn’t.

Often, it is our personal belief systems that can work against us when it clashes with belief systems such as those found mainstream.

Sexual fantasies are generally healthy. But actualizing some fantasies that may provoke you to go through the experience without safety is not. It is best to draw the line, on what should remain as a fantasy and what can be actualized with the right partner.

Sexual issues arising from fantasies become very obvious whether you are partnered or single when you begin to understand that the fantasy is rooted from a deeper problem.

When you begin to question the cause of a particular sexual fantasy, then there must be an underlying source from within your deeper consciousness.

Sexual fantasies reveal our innermost desires, they are healthy if it does not cross the bounds of safety and in relationships, if it does not go against preferences of the people involved.

Sexual fantasies are healthy but falling addicted to the fantasy isn’t. If the sexual fantasy has become an addiction, then the mind is obviously using the fantasy to avoid a deeper underlying issue.

For example, there are people are in a relationship and use their fantasies to escape the mental and emotional dilemmas they are going through.

Such avoidance behavior can create more negative mental patterns causing unrealistic views in relationship which leads to eventual loss of the relationship or people getting hurt.

In some other cases, sexual fantasies may be a reason to escape and actualizing the fantasies becomes an avenue for the mind to release psychological traumas. It can be used by some people to feel the pain that may be rooted to abuse or other memories holding emotional charge that are actively influencing their mental patterns.

Our desires are influenced by memories and facts that the mind holds valid and true. Among the common fantasies of both men and women are experiencing pleasure in mild to moderate pain to induce excitement.

There is nothing wrong with this if done with caution among willing adults. The only problem that it may cause if the memories causing this desire is active is that it may become insatiable and create further craving. The mind is difficult to train when to stop forming other versions of realities to actualize desires.

Until today, sexual fantasies are among the hardest things to discuss and some people find it hard to understand the root of their fantasies.

Where are fantasies really coming from? Besides the overview mentioned above, let us take a deeper look at the source of fantasies and how Eutaptics can help you release fantasies that may have negative impact in your life and health.

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The Mind is the Source of All Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are generated by the mind, they are not generated by pornography, another person or any other external influence. It is the imprints or memories within your deeper consciousness, unconscious and subconscious, that created this fantasies.

Making them intertwined as an integral part of our sexual desires. Fulfilment then is craved by the mind on an ongoing basis because sex is a primal need.

Some sexual fantasies that may involve acts that does not conform to societies view of “normal” becomes an even more powerful emotionally charged thought, making the person unable to find satisfaction unless it is executed.

The “thrill” that one gets upon thinking of it and getting it can cause a person to form an addictive behavior about it.

Any sexual fantasy that goes in between marriage and relationships and cause a person to form unpleasant behavior must be addressed.

When a fantasy is used to preserve an unpleasant memory the process is more unconscious, hence it can cause discomfort for the person experiencing the fantasies.

Eutaptics is a memory reimprinting system that can locate the source of these fantasies and help an individual collapse behaviors and mental patterns that causes discomfort for the person.

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  • January 3, 2017