5 Shocking Signs That You Are Suffering from Intimacy Issues

As humans, we are biologically wired to belong in a community and to bond with another person even just for a short term. Intimacy is integrally bound to the survival of our species. It is also normal for most of us to long for a deep kind of intimacy.

Romance however, is often mistaken for intimacy, it is important that the two terminologies are not confused. Because in reality, you can be in a romantic relationship or even in a long-time marriage but suffer from intimacy issues.


What is Intimacy and What is Romance?

Intimacy is a state of being a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. Furthermore, intimacy is the act or expression serving as a token of familiarity or affection.

Romance on the other hand is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

So, based on the definitions above, intimacy is within our primeval nature while romance remains to be a need but within bounds of choice. No wonder there are a lot of people who can be in a romantic relationship by choice but finds it hard to remain intimate with their partners.

This means, that while some of us may avoid close relationships and avoid intimacy, we may still enter into friendships and romances. Often the beginning of the relationship starts well because of the intense emotional and physical attraction.

But in reality, this kind of connection is superficial. In the long run, the person with intimacy issues may result to feeling trapped, bored, or smothered, as the issues further, the person may begin to focus on the partner’s shortcoming and begin to disengage.

Most intimacy avoidant people continues to socialize but often lose any desire to date or engage in any relationship with sexual intimacy.

These are 5 signs you are suffering from intimacy issues:


1. Avoidance

If you find yourself always busy and finding ways to make your schedule full, you may be avoiding deeper issues. Behind the fear of intimacy is the fear of facing up to your real-life issues that may be perceived as weaknesses.

A person suffering from intimacy-related issues fears getting close to others because they fear their flaws will be exposed. These flaws can be feelings of sadness, grief, and anger. So, what the mind does is to try to keep busy, because if you keep the mind busy, you have the perfect excuse to deal with the problem from within. But does that really solve the issue?

Temporarily escaping reality can cause many stress-related problems because the person is functioning without intrinsic motivation. This means, that superficial performance will definitely cause more problems.

If you find yourself constantly using work as an excuse to be intimate with your partner you are definitely suffering from intimacy issues.

2. You Appear Perfectly Put Together. Always.

It seems like there is nothing more intimidating than perfection. The more perfect you are on the exterior, the fewer others can see that you are human and weak just like they are. Because of this, the more intimate they are to get close to you. Some people use perfectionism as a way to avoid intimacy issues.

Again, this is another way the mind uses another idea to escape confronting reality. If you catch yourself adapting to a particular kind of behavior mentioned above, you might be having some deep issues that need to be addressed. Perfection is not possible, you need to realize that as early as now, this superficial way of addressing issues will take a toll on your overall health and be unable to sustain happiness in life.

3. Vague Relationship History

A person suffering from fear of intimacy will often have a hard time to commit in a relationship. As a result, they don’t really have a long-term romantic relationship because they get bored easily or feel trapped and suffocated in a relationship.

Moreover, they usually prefer “open relationships” over-committed and monogamous ones because of their fear of emotionally committing to another person.

The easiest way to escape and avoid issues that are deeply rooted in the mind with strong emotional foundations is to simply try to cruise. In the long run, they have scattered relationships and feel unfulfilled.

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4. Unfaithfulness

It is very noticeable that a person suffering from intimacy issues can easily fall short in gripping with faithfulness. They can engage in various forms of cheating, whether physically or emotionally.

This is because they are trying to avoid issues that are within their current relationship and think that they might find the answers through another person or acts of infidelity.

More often, they’re subconsciously programmed to use infidelity or unfaithfulness as a way to distract them from their real inner issues.

5. Emotionally Distant

People who end up in a relationship but have fear of intimacy end up emotionally distant from their partners. They fear that opening up their true emotions will cause them to be vulnerable to even more pain. In time, the emotional distance may begin to manifest physically and sexual issues become apparent causing the relationship to shatter.

Emotional distance is measured in so many obvious ways in a relationship. It can begin with being unable to hold a romantic conversation, withdrawing promises, and being unable to be truly sexually excited with your partner.

The reason behind this is that we are emotional creatures by default. In a relationship, it is hard to become sexually excited if there are other mental programs and thought patterns at play.

Addressing Intimacy Issues Through Eutaptics

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The reason why FasterEFT is very efficient in intimacy issues is that it has a clear understanding of how memories relating to problems are encoded and stored within the subconscious mind.

Because of this, eutaptics® FasterEFT™ can reimprint memories and help you progress in your current relationship or find a better one wherein you leave intimacy issues behind.

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  • December 2, 2016