Eutaptics is a community and family of friends globally helping each other. Welcome to the community.

You can always visit the Main Eutaptics Website where you will find all the information you need. The Eutaptics Blog is regularly updated and tackles topics beyond sexual issues.

If you are having problems or issues with a download or a product. Use this contact page to directly get an answer from The Eutaptics Team.

Where can I view testimonials about Eutaptics Sexual Healing?

Eutaptics have an overflowing amount of testimonials coming from followers and practitioners alike. Robert G. Smith tries to publish as much as he can in the Eutaptics YouTube Channel Testimonial Playlist.

But do you know you can get more free videos at the Eutaptics Main Website? There are more curated videos if you follow the previous link.

Is Eutaptics Offered Only in English?

No. Eutaptics is offered in multiple languages. Robert Smith and his team is trying to make the YouTube Videos available to as many languages possible. This is a big task at hand and he continuously work hard to deliver it globally.

If you are looking for a practitioner who offers Eutaptics in your native language, you can use The Eutaptics Practioner Directory.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! You may call the Eutaptics Main Office at 405 917 5258. Or email us at

You can always use this contact page for easy access to the department you are looking for.

Do you have social media profiles?

Yes we do and we are very active in social media to ensure that those looking for real Faster EFT finds us. Just click on the links below:

The Official Eutaptics Blog

Eutaptics Twitter Account

The Eutaptics Medium Publication

Eutaptics on Google Plus

The Eutaptics Daily on

The Eutaptics YouTube Channel with about 10 Million Views

We are currently working on this FAQ page. Thank you!