Eutaptics: Resolution to Common Sexual Issues

Sexual issues appear at different stages of life. Our sexual experiences may seem unsatisfactory when problems begin to arise. Most common sexual issues cannot be “cured” or reversed by medical science. Some may be given temporary resolution aided by medications. … Read More

Sexual Issues: Are Sexual Fantasies Healthy?

Is it good to fantasize about sex? Sexual fantasies are punctured through the bubble of moral dilemmas that the society generally label as acceptable, or unacceptable. Our sexual mind can go in varying degrees when it comes to holding the … Read More

Intimacy Issues and Fear of Relationships

Intimacy Issues and Fear of Relationships

After going through a traumatic relationship experience, a person may develop fears as a way how natural coping and defense mechanisms work within the mind. But if it lasts longer than a few months, reaching out for professional help is … Read More

Healing Your Sexual Self Through FasterEFT

Healing Your Sexual Self Through Eutaptics

Eutaptics is a mental healing system that can activate healing from sexual issues. Eutaptics has a complete understanding on how sexual problems are produced by the mind. In application of Eutaptics methods to heal from sexual issue a person is … Read More